Monday, October 20, 2008


I believe that I often misrepresent myself when socially interacting with others. Hell, all of my closest friends and family still continue to triumph this crackpot piece of advice: "well, sarah, you really should be doing other things with your time for the sole purpose of keeping yourself busy and you will find that you are happier." My response to such abysmal advice is always the same, it goes like this: "I constantly do things that keep me busy." And before I can finish the rest of my words, the other conversator always interrupts me and says "yea, but you need to be doing things for sarah that make sarah happy...[insert more 'advice'here]. And that is when my confusion sets in--i'm so perplexed because I do and always have done things that I enjoy, that make me happy, that keep me busy, that are for me and me only...blah, blah, blah, blah. So, I must misrepresent myself alot. It's either that, or the fact that maybe,the people that keep telling me the same thing over and over in oblivion (most likely my friends & family, I'm sure) really don't know me as much as they often stake claim to.
Whomever it is that is responsible for teaching us the lessons of life (I don't mean like our parents but like this character all you weirdos refer to as "god") must be like that 2-faced cheerleader bitch girlfriend that each of us had at one point or another as a teenager. Why you ask? Simply because for each life lesson that we learn, there will be another that will come along the way that will be completely contradictory.

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